A brief look into who the author is and how they came to know astronomy as well as how Traverse began and the people who made it possible.

About the Author:
‘The author is an adventurous teenage girl named Genevieve Olsen, who sees God as her source of strength and inspiration in everything part of her life, especially writing and astronomy. She lives in the Northern Hemisphere with her mom, dad, and fluffy furball of a cat.
As a child, she was fascinated by the incomprehensible universe that lay around her and grew to love all things relating to space. Given that she nearly always had a book in hand, her love of science fiction grew as well though at times fact seemed far more perplexing than fiction.

Throughout her whole life, her parents have supported her in everything she has done, including her fascination with astronomy. On Christmas morning, they gifted her a Gskyer Telescope so she could delve into the mysteries of the universe herself. From here, her love of astronomy was only spurred on further. Having already loved both reading and writing throughout her life, she jumped back into the world of creative writing and began to explore the various phenomena of the universe with pen and paper.
A little over six months after the events of Christmas, in the early summer of 2020, she had the idea of creating a website where all of her writings and concepts could be enjoyed by others. This brief idea came to fruition only a week later, and she now writes nearly every day so that Traverse will continue to be updated with the most recent discoveries and information for the benefit of herself and all novice astronomers alike.’

How It All Began:
‘On July 15th of 2020, Genevieve carefully positioned her telescope on the edge of her driveway, facing towards the direction of the setting sun. She hoped to catch a glimpse of the newly discovered comet, NEOWISE. After much effort and excruciating precision to detail, she finally saw the faint glow of the comet before it edged below the horizon. Upon having seen an object to which no other would see for another 6,800 years, she realized just how awe-inspiring the universe could be. Only a day after this once-in-a-lifetime event, an interesting idea popped into her head. If she created a website where all of her various writings and astrophotography could be posted, then she would be able to share her findings with ease to those who were inspired just as she. After much deliberation, with the help of her parents’ various skill sets, and most importantly, her faith in God, she was able to create this website, Traverse. Using this website, she can now easily share her love of astronomy with the various intrepid explorers of the world and universe alike.’

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